Ghost Shaver Electric Razor - Wet/Dry 5 Head Cordless USB/C Type Plug Rechargeable Rotary Shaver

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This shaver was also designed by the inventor of the Skull Shaver. This patented design makes it feel like it’s an extension of your arm, allowing users to reach anywhere on your head, face or body. The Ghost Shaver features a precision Cutting System - The shaver heads features our superior lift and cut technology that removes the hair from your head with precision, giving you a close and smooth shave. No mess. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, irritation, bumps and burns and say HELLO to the Ghost Shaver. Cordless wet/dry shave technology with a patented Handle Design -This shaver was manufactured with a design that is shaped like a brush instead of the typical vertical design. The handles fits into the palm of your hand precisely, giving you a firm and controlled grip. 5 Multiple Rotary Blades with five-different flex pivot action, super thin blades added to this shaver head makes it a pleasure and extremely comfortable to use. Especially for sensitive skin. These flexible heads adjust to every curve and contours of your head perfectly, giving you a completely comfortable and smooth shave. This enables you to shave in any direction without any threat of damaging your skin. Small circular motions work best giving you a close shave with no nick, cuts or bumps. The shaver is also quite easy to clean as all the five cutters can be cleaned out with a quick rinse. You can find cleaning instructions and tips in the manual enclosed the unit’s box. Multiple Voltage Support - The shaver supports multiple voltage levels ranging between 110 to 240 V, ensuring that your shaver doesn’t burn out when plugged into a different voltage outlets worldwide. Portable and Rechargeable - The shaver is re-chargeable and needs only two hours of charging time when unit is dead. (Shaver does come partially charged to use right out of the box) Once charged, the shaver can work for 75 minutes, meaning you can use it for several times without having to charge it again.



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