Go Together Flash Cards | 50 Matching Language Development Educational Photo Cards | with 7 Starter Learning Games | for Parents, The Classroom, Speech Therapy Materials and Montessori Materials

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CLEAR. ACCESSIBLE. FUN!. This Go Togethers Flash Card set contains 50 cards, 25 matching pairs with a clear and clean picture on the front of each card and a colorful English word on the back of each card. This set will empower you to help your student identify everyday matching objects in our modern environment. Whether youe a stay-at-home mom, dad or in a professional field such as a therapist, counselling, psychology or homecare, we hope this set empowers you to be successful in educating your students. INTERACTIVE: Teach your kids how to match items in the world around them! Play games, discover what opposites mean and find out how many opposite items are in your home! Create games and promote easy learning out of the 7 starter teaching methods A WIDE VARIETY OF USES FOR ALL AGES: This Go Together set is a great tool to play with your Infant, Toddler and Kindergarten age kids as well as in a team, 1 on 1, therapeutic use in childhood counselling, sequencing, community help, Aspergers and Autism Programs. These cards can also be used with seniors as part of therapy for memory recall, brain stimulation, CBT, dementia and alzheimers. Other uses and situations you can use this set: Early Intervention ESL (English as a Second Language) ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) Speech articulation CogAT OLSAT Auditory Processing Disorder Talented & Gifted test prep Early Intervention Occupational Therapy Aphasia School Counselor Supplies Speech Language Pathology Language immersion Preschool / Pre-K Prep Homeschool Supplies and More!


MASTER MATCHING with this flashcard set. Ideal for all types of students from speech therapy to ESL, toddlers to adults. Promote clearer communication, critical thinking skills, sequencing, verbal concepts, conversation, reasoning and development for all ages. | SUITABLE FOR: Parents, Teachers and Therapists. Let this set be a part of building your teacher supplies for your classroom, homeschool materials, daycare, speech therapy supplies, ABA, Autism, Aspergers and special education. | IMPROVE YOUR STUDENT’S understanding of matching objects, verbal and listening skills, language and vocabulary development, aural reasoning. | WORK ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE: Use as part of a whole educational system or as a standalone teaching tool in your home or classroom. Have your students imagination get expressive, create compelling conversations and create games and a story and engage you with offline play! Comes with 7 “Starter” teaching techniques. | LARGE AND COMPACT: Fits in your pocket! 50 High Quality flashcards with universal appeal – a total of 25 pairs! Includes a water resistant and smudge proof coating. Part of your purchase will go to fund education initiatives, food drives and other charitable works.

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