Great Planes Epoxy Pro Adhesive, 9 oz

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Build with confidence. The uniquely precise cure times of Great Planes epoxies allow you to continue building with the confidence that epoxies parts won't be bumped out of alignment. Epoxy is a wetting Type of glue that forms a strong bond in a predictable length of time. It remains somewhat flexible when cured, so it performs well in high-stress applications such as firewalls, wing joiners and tail surfaces. Modelers select the cure time best suited for the job longer cure times are preferred for building that requires more precise part attachment. Epoxy should be applied to both surfaces being joined. By adding milled fiberglass, fiberglass cloth or micro balloons to an epoxied joint, the bond can be strengthened and the cure time shortened. These products should be tested before actual application.


Provides incredible bonding strength | Cures in thirty minutes - best for model-building projects that require more precise Part attachment. | Remains somewhat flexible when cured. | Performs well in high-stress R/C applications. | Compatible with milled fiberglass, fiberglass cloth or micro balloons for added strength.





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