Green Majestix Juggling Sticks Devil Sticks

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Majestix juggling sticks are quite possibly the best set of juggling sticks ever created. The full, rubber grip makes them reliable when performing and the cup-and-tassel designed weights keep Majestix from rolling too quickly yet offer enough weight to carry momentum from trick to trick. This set offers both smooth play and the ability to perform all tricks possible. The flip stick's non-breakable fiberglass core, high quality grip and long lasting tassels make Majestix unmatched in value. Majestix are handmade in beautiful, northern Michigan. Tip-to-tip length of flip stick: 28 inches. Diameter of flip stick center core: 1/2 inch; Length of grip sticks: 18.5 inches. Diameter of grip sticks: 5/8 inch; Weight of entire set: 1 lb.


Best for ages 8 and up. Great for beginners and experts alike. | Full, rubber grip covering center stick and handles. Non-latex, non-silicone, vegan-friendly tassels. | Comes with an illustrated instruction book plus links to all the best online video tutorials. | The only set able to perform all tricks possible. Jolly Lama! Tricks DVD available and sold separately. | 3-year tip-to-tip & tassel-to-tassel manufacturer warranty.









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