GumChucks | Faster, Easier Flossing! | Kids Floss Starter Pack | Reusable Handles + Universal Flossing Tips

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Product Description The utility of GumChucks is like no other on the market. Resembling miniature nunchucks, this unique two-handle system increases dexterity and control, allowing you to easily and effortlessly make the dentist-recommended C-Shape while flossing. The C-Shape is an important key to effective flossing as it allows you to wrap the floss around the tooth and get closer to the gum line to break up the bacteria and remove plaque. As a brand, we realize we need to speak to both our clients - adults and children. We wanted to create a way to engage with kids and make them want to use the product. Not only did we make our product fun and easy to use, but we also created characters such as Plaque Man, The Flossopher, and Count Plaqula to help encourage kids to floss. Manufacturer Contact Information NA


INNOVATIVE DESIGN | GumChucks Unique two-handled system allows you to create the Dentist-Recommended “C-Shape” technique while flossing | BUILDING HEALTHY HABITS | The American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends that kids include flossing as a part of their daily oral health routine – GumChucks gives kids a head start in good dental hygiene, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will adopt a lifelong healthy habit of flossing | TESTED & APPROVED | A study conducted by the UCLA School of Dentistry determined that children ages 4-9 using GumChucks were more effective at removing plaque in less time than children ages 10-15 using regular floss | COMFORTABLE & EASY-TO-USE | Our disposable flossing tips are each made with 250 strands of twisted fiber. The high-shred tolerance allows the floss to glide smoothing between teeth and underneath the gum line | IMPROVES DEXTERITY | Our reusable handles provide better leverage for those with limited dexterity – better dexterity means better control while flossing!





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