Hebayy 500 Transparent 8 Color Clear Bingo Counting Chip Plastic Markers (Each Measures 3/4 inch in Diameter)

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Hebayy Transparent 8 colors Counting chips is a smart learning kit for toddlers and also suitable for Bingo Night.

Premium Quality: These are made from original PVC granules, durable and high transparency guarantee. The new moulds ensures
every piece with easy handle texture and no sharpen edges.

Health Care and Sanitary: User's healthy is our first priority. Zero recycled materials were used during the process of production.
Ensure safety use

500 chips with 8 delightful colors, makes the classification and counting an
easy job to do. Mega bundle so no need to worry about losing some.

Smart Designed to feature optimum thickness and softness, each measures 3/4 inch in diameter, pretty easy to use and maneuver.

Ideal forhome and preschool education as a hands-on math activity tool. Counting, sorting, patterning and more! Thanks to the
high transparency so it works perfect with demonstration overhead projector.


Health Care and Sanitary: Made from original PVC granules, high transparency and durability are preserved during the process of production. Ensure safety use | Mega Bundle: 500 PCS in total, no need to worry even you lose some, a real bargain that you wouldn't miss. | Multiple Color: 8 colors could afford multiple using scenarios or classification needs. With different colors you have more ways to demonstrate or marking. | Premium Quality: Chips feature optimum thickness and delightful colors. No sharpen edges, each measures 3/4 inch in diameter, easy to use and maneuver. | Perfect For: Foundational concept of math, counting, grouping, Hands-on math activity tool for home and preschool education or as Bingo chips. Demonstration with an overhead projector ready.









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