HEROINE MAKE Long and Curl Mascara Super WP 01 Jet Black, 2 Pack

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Top Japanese Mascara Brand


Super dynamic lengthening effect: Contains 5mm long-fiber. Separates the lashes without the clumps and glossy finish | Lock in those curls all day! Lashes stay curled upward for many hours: It contains curl locking ingredients with Memory-Shape Polymer. Curls are strongly set the instant it is applied! Upward curls stay in place for many hours | Super Water-proof Contains a new ingredient: Super Guard Polymer Our own durable ingredient which is especially resistant against tears, sweat, water, oils, and abrasions, while preventing smudging all day long. | Contains Eyelash essence ingredients: It contains 4 kinds of essence ingredients, protect sensitive lashes from damage while wearing makeup. Camellia oil, Royal jelly extract, Argan oil, Wild rose oil (wild rose fruit extract) | Made in Japan: Reliable Japanese standard quality. Products are manufactured by the well-managed factory



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Mascara 01 Jet Black



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