High Chair Banner For 1st Birthday - First Birthday Decorations For Photo Booth Props, Birthday Souvenir and Gifts For Kids, Best Party Supplies (BEE)

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PRODUCT DETAILS: High Chair Banner For 1st Birthday - First Birthday Decorations For Photo Booth Props, Birthday Souvenir and Gifts For Kids, Best Party Supplies

Why should we attach importance to the first birthday of our child

Everyone has a birthday. What do we want most on our birthdayAn exquisite presentOr delicacies of every kindNo! None of them. I think that what's the most important on the birthday is getting a surprise and being overjoyed. You will be happy only with surprise but how is happiness generatedIt starts from an exquisite birthday hand flag. This hand flag can set the atmosphere of the whole party off, enable the whole family to spend the wonderful day in happiness and leave the most beautiful memory on the first birthday of your child!

Baby, Happy Birthday

Flowing upstream along a river of time, a baby is born crying to break the serenity of the family, the future is unfolded like Chinese art paper, everything comes back to life, life itches to try and smile is written on everyone's face. All of these are brought about by you. The sun shines through glass windows. From burbling to toddling, you go along the long time tunnel, transforming from an "ugly duckling" into a "white swan". At this moment, you will welcome your first birthday party and we prepare all kinds of theme birthday hand flags you expect. The whole family cheers for you and is proud of you. When you sit on the high dining chair eating cake and surround the birthday hand flag accompanying you to spend this moment, eyes are all focused on you and you become the most beautiful scenery in the world. In your birthday party, remember that the most precious gift of yours is not only from our dining chair and hand flag but also from the love of your parents for you.


??PERFECT BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS - When the child sits on the chair surrounded with a birthday banner on its first birthday, enjoy cake and cheers filled with happy smiles on their face, you will feel how much your child needs a beautiful and individualized birthday banner to decorate when celebrating the first birthday for the child and how beautiful and meaningful it is to spend the birthday in a well-matched and beautiful environment | ??PURE HANDMADE TECHNICS - The birthday banners we made are limited because we cut each cloth list, linen and flax with hands and scissors and then combine them to be a completed one carefully. It keeps the rough nature and surprises you with the blending of scene and atmosphere. Our workers’ hands often numb and pain when using scissors with hands. To make each banner with heart is their tenets. Please keep each banner in good conditions | ??FOCUS ON THIS IMPORTANT MOMENT - If you celebrate the first birthday in your life, will you hope that everyone eyes are attracted by you in such an important party, will you hope that what everyone discuss all about you? Yes, at least I hope so while I don’t hope that adults only manage themselves take up the wine cup and chat merrily in my birthday party, so you need to attract others to talk about attractive topics, so a beautiful high banner can help | ??GREATEST REUSABLE SOUVENIR - Do you think that it will be useless after the first birthday? I DONOT BELIEVE SO!!! It can be used for your second child or you can send it as a gift for your relatives and good friends children with your best wishes. You can also hang in your children bedroom, If you are a photographer, you can use it as a prop to take photos, but anyhow, this will be an insignificant but meaningful hand flag that is unforgettable all the life on your children first birthday | ??WARRANTY AND SERVICE - 24-hour online customer service, 90-days money back policy. You can get a full refund unconditionally if you are not satisfied with it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions









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