Huddle Supply Co Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Storage Stuffie Seat - Designer Bean Bag - Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids, Teens and Adults | Extra Large | 100% Cotton Premium Canvas

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STUFFED ANIMAL TOYS TAKING OVER YOUR HOME BUT KIDS NOT READY TO LET THEM GOGET YOURSELF A CLEAN, TIDY HOUSE AND SOME TRANQUILITY with Huddle Supply Co's Stuffed Animal Holder: A Tidy House And Happy Kids The Stuffie Seat stuffed animal organizer will clear clutter and become a beloved bean bag lounger for the kids. Fill the Stuffie Seat with up to 100 stuffed animals as well as bedding, clothing or other soft goods for a clean, tidy house. Made With Love Huddle Supply Co was founded by an Australian designer who, upon becoming a parent realized the many challenges that modern parents face and decided to do something about it. ike most parents, we had a house full of stuffed toys and it felt cluttered and untidy. So, the Stuffie Seat was born - a place to store them out of sight, which doubled as a new seat for the kids. Keep and Protect Precious Stuffies Avoid the guilt that comes with getting rid of your children cherished soft toys. Youl open the cute packaging and have fun stuffing them into the Stuffie Seat and honestly, it SUCH a relief! Enjoy Some Me Time The Stuffie Seat stuffed animal organizer becomes a comfortable beanbag lounger that kids love to sit in FOR HOURS - just think of what you can do in that time! Optimal Size This stuff and sit storage bean bag chair has a 53gal/200L capacity which caters for the largest Stuffed Animal collections and is comfortable for kids, teens and adults. Easy Care - Designed for Kids Machine washable, dirt friendly design, hardy material and zipper means kids can play without a worry. Lifetime Warranty The Stuffie Seat is such good quality we guarantee it for life - don put up with clutter anymore - Add to Cart to get yours on its way to you now!


THE MOST COMFORTABLE Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair - the Stuffie Seat holds more than 100 toys to become a lounger with back support your kids will love to read, play or watch TV on while you enjoy some quiet time | YOU WON’T FIND BETTER QUALITY - our Premium bean bag for stuffed animals was carefully crafted with soft, durable 100% cotton canvas, reinforced zippers and seams. It’s MACHINE WASHABLE and comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE so you can let them eat, sleep and play on the Stuffie Seat without a worry in the world | SIZED PERFECTLY: the Stuffie Seat stuff animal bean bag storage chair will hold even the most enormous stuffed animal collections and if you don’t have enough you can fill it with pillows, blankets and anything else that is taking up closet space! Tested for comfort with toddlers, preschoolers, teens and adults! | YOUR KIDS WILL CLEAN UP WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO ASK - kids love shoving their furry friends inside of our toy storage bean bag chair and using the child friendly zipper to get them out when they need them | BE THE ENVY OF ANYONE WHO VISITS YOUR HOME - the unisex, reversible design of this stuffed animal storage bean bag will look cute in your living room, kids bedroom and playroom - move from room to room seamlessly with the sturdy, kid proof handle



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