iBaseToy 24 Pack Flying Glider Plane - 8" Foam Airplane Toys in 6 Different Designs, Kids Valentines Airplanes, Easter Gift, Birthday Party Favors, Carnival Prizes for Boys Girls

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Glider airplanes are a classic toy that most adults probably remember fondly from their childhood. In this update to those classic toys, the construction is semi-rigid foam covered with brightly printed paper. The result is a great looking plane that's tough enough to last through lots of play and enjoyment.

You get 24 planes in your order (each one individually packaged), so you're sure to have enough for everyone. Hand them out at a kid's party or at a picnic, use them for rewards or prizes, give as stocking-stuffer presents, use them as party decorations (hang them from the ceiling with a thread), or whatever else your imagination comes up with. They're fun for adults as well as children.

These are easy to assemble, and are balanced for good flight characteristics. You can also change the way they fly by bending the back parts of the wings up or down slightly. Have them do loop-the-loops or fly straight and level. Kids can have competitions to see who can get their plane to fly the farthest or do the best aerobatics.

These are very light weight, so they're safe to fly indoors or out, and won't hurt children or harm furniture.

Order today for some high-flying fun at your next kid's party or other event!


PERFECT PARTY FAVOR FOR ANY CHILDREN'S PARTY. Hand out these airplanes to each guest and they'll have fun for hours. Especially great for outdoor parties. | STURDY CONSTRUCTION TO LAST A LONG TIME. These glider planes are made of foam covered with paper. Strong and light enough to survive many "crash landings!" | SIX GREAT COLORFUL DESIGNS AND SAFE FOR KIDS. You get six different designs of airplane shape and colors, with four planes of each design. The colors are bright and fun and won't fade. They are light weight, so they're safe to fly indoors or out, and won't hurt children or harm furniture. | LOTS OF USES AND LOTS OF FUN. Use these as prizes or good behavior rewards at home or school, as a fun activity for everyone at family picnics, as decorations for a party, as Valentines Day party favors for classroom exchange, and more! | PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS. Each plane is individually packaged, and comes with beautiful gift box packaging. You can use them for rewards or prizes, or give as stocking-stuffer or birthday presents .









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