Individually Wrapped Soft Bristle Flossing Whitening Manual Toothbrush -Gum Recession, Braces, Toddlers, Women, Men, Dog, Adults, Kids, Small and Full Head, Orange, Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple

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This revolutionary toothbrush promotes up and down brushing to protect your tooth enamel, reduce tooth sensitivity and give your mouth a deeper, easier clean. Also, our T-shaped head design makes it an excellent tool for cleaning your tongue to rid unwanted bacteria and preventing halitosis. Moreover, heavy arm pressure can negatively affect the condition of your teeth and gums. The T-shaped head can prevent you from brushing aggressively and it takes less physical effort to do the job. When our finger pressure is applied to the handle, the stress from the middle connecting point of the handle and the head will be equally distributed on the left side and the right side of the T-shaped head so it can save us a lot of physical effort. It can assure that you apply enough pressure to your gums, teeth and tongue. Lastly, our bristles are made of soft DuPont Nylon with round ending tips, which are the same as Oral-B. Hard bristles can only damage your tooth enamel. Soft Nylon bristles are the best choice for removing plaque and protect your gums and teeth. Compact size is recommended for adult females and children and it has 6 colors- pink, blue, orange, green, yellow and purple. Full size is recommended for adult males or adults with larger mouths and it has 4 colors- pink, blue, orange and green.


?more-T toothbrush will get your teeth cleaner than ever with the least amount of effort. The revolutionary patented T-shaped design offers an effective and comfortable cleaning experience- easier and convenient vertical motion to brush the teeth and tongue. | ?more-T toothbrush has three advantages: high-quality toothbrush, supereffective tongue cleaner, and easy-to-use plaque remover. It's perfect for removing residue hidden between teeth,ensuring healthy tooth enamel, decreasing tooth decay, improving dental health and providing effective and efficient brushing. | ?Individually contained with soft DuPont Nylon bristle is specifically designed to go gentle on your teeth and gums. Especially for those with sensitive teeth & gums. And the ergonomic T-shape design and non-slip rubber grip are perfect for stability and comfortable holding, allows each tooth to be brushed from various angles to eliminate invisible residue and odor-causing bacteria. | ?It comes in a variety of colors, as well as multi-packs to keep your teeth in good health year-round. | ?30-day money back guarantee! No questions asked. Try your first more-T Toothbrush and start deep cleaning now!



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