INNER-ACTIVE Slant Board for Writing Sloped Surface to Improve Handwriting Legibility, Posture, Positioning, Grasp, and Endurance - Great as Classroom Tool for Writing Reading, Art, and laptops

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Slant boards are recommended by most handwriting specialists, occupational therapists and vision therapists. A 20 degree work surface places your material at an optimal position to decrease eye strain and increase endurance and legibility when writing. The ergonomic position for writing is sitting with ankles, knees and hips bent at 90 degrees, as well as having a slightly bent wrist and efficient grasp. A slant board can help with positioning and posture. The INNER-ACTIVE slant board is designed to increase work times by decreasing eye and neck strain for writing, reading, art and typing. It provides a sloped surface to improve hand positioning for writing or typing and promotes a proper and efficient grasp. The angled board is positioned optimally from a flat surface to encourage better sitting posture, positioning and grasp. It has a heavy-duty clip that securely stacks multiple pieces of paper and is made with a lightweight polycarbonate that is sturdy and durable, but yet has enough flex to withstand drops and hits without cracking. We also gave it a large handle for ease of portability. There is a long piece of rubber on the underside to firmly hold the board in place providing great stability.


SIMPLE AND PORTABLE– Standard 20 degrees slant board with a 13in x 13in work surface area and large handle for portability; lightweight (less than 1.5lbs) and easily stacked with multiple boards | ERGONOMIC – Slant boards improve postures and handwriting legibility; optimal positioning decreases strain and fatigue while improving endurance so you can work longer | DURABLE – Made with a light and flexible plastic yet strong enough to write on and withstands drops from table height surfaces without cracking | REMOVABLE CLIP – Our board uses a standard heavy duty removable clip that is easily replaceable and can hold up to 20 pieces of paper easily | NON-SLIP – Long rubber strip provides good non-slip properties between work surfaces and is easy to clean with a wipe









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