Kamibot STEAM Learning Robot Coding Set for Kids

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Kamibot is a small, programmable robot that kids can endlessly customize by writing their own code, and by adding creative paper craft skins. The beauty of the papercraft skins is that a single robot can be transformed into virtually any character you want. We provide free downloadable character papercrafts on our website. It is built around the open-source Arduino platform, so kids can easily learn how to code using Scratch, a drag-and-drop programming language. The programming skills kids learn with Kamibot are easily transferrable to real-world applications. Kamibot includes a range of sensors that help it move around.  IR sensors on Kamibot's undercarriage allow it to follow a black line through a set course. Ultrasonic sensors up front help Kamibot to avoid obstacles. Kamibot is driven by wheels connected to two, independent DC motors. Kamibot has a rechargeable battery that takes 120 minutes for a full charge and has a battery life of 120 minutes.  The Basic Package includes: 1 Kamibot, 1 cat character papercraft, 1 Treasure hunt mapboard, 1 Line tracing mapboard, and 1 USB Cable. Kamibot can be programmed using the Kamiblock application. The Kamiblock programming application supports iOS/Android (Bluetooth 4.0+) and Windows PC. Kamibot can also be controlled remotely for fun. The Kamibot control app supports both iOS and Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0+.


TWO WAYS TO CODE - Give Kamibot a sequence of commands by selecting corresponding picture cards, or use drag & drop block coding. | EXPLORE POSSIBILITIES - Take control of Kamibot's sensors and motors, and code it to move and react to its environment | DEVELOP STEAM SKILLS - Work through problems that build spatial reasoning and planning skills. | QUICK START GUIDE - Easy to learn coding with extensive 40+ pages guide included in the box. | DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES - Download various character papercrafts, maps and apps that tell a colorful story as you code!



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