Kinetic Desk Toy for Adults Office Stress Relief with Full Body Optical Illusion Metal

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samisoler desk fidget toy makes a truly great and original present that creates a bit of magic every time you interact with it.
A piece of kinetic art that invites you to transform it from precisely engineered still shape into hypnotic optical illusion.
samisoler kinetic desk toy presents a full 360 view to enjoy different visual effects from various angles.
Built for creators, makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination.
Keep focus, relieve stress, eliminate anxiety, kill boredom, or simply relax during working hours and more.

Diameter = 1.91in
High = 1.71in
Weight = 5.64oz.

Rotation time:
Optimal time: 60 seconds
Max time: more than 120 seconds

One ball and one metal base are packed in every box.
Box size = 1.91in *1.91in * 1.91in.
Small delicate and beautiful. It's a perfect gift for friends.

Note:The base is removable to easy access the bearing.
Upgrade bearing, the toy can rotate more than 60 seconds at first. Max rotation time is more than 120 seconds

samisoler: With 5 years experience on all kinds of toy research and manufacturing. You will be pleased with our products and after sales.


[Please watch video] Made of aluminum metal and machined by precision CNC. Desk toys has a helix groove milled the whole surface. Every ball has a rotating metal base equipped with high-quality steel bearing. | [Easy to play] Designed to spin on desk floor or any flat surface. Simply rotate it by hand to creates an almost magical effect that looks like continuously flowing helix would merge into a surface of tabletop. It spins silently so you won't be bothering anyone around. | [Multiple applications] When revolving it creates a full body optical illusion. It’s mainly suitable for creators, makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination. Keep focus, stress relief, eliminate anxiety, cure ADHD OCD or simply relax during working hours. | [Gift for anyone] Hypnotic optical illusion is a unique way to bring excitement to anybody. And it is not only a dynamic desk toy, but also an exquisite desktop decoration. There is no doubt that it’s an ideal birthday or other present gifts for adults, teens, kids. | [samisoler] Each unit is designed with attention to the smallest detail and built to last a long time.We aim to produce the best toy to satisfy all customers.

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