KINGYAO Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer, Liquid Timer Sensory Toy for Kids Autism ADHD Calming and Stress Relief Lava Timer Desk Toy

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Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer: Best Sensory Toy for Relaxation, Liquid Motion Timer Toy Floating Color Lava Lamp Timer - Incredibly Effective Calming Toy for Kids, Relaxing Liquid Bubbler Timer for Adhd


This liquid motion bubbler timer makes the perfect sensory toys for autistic kids, having a very appeasing and mesmerizing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. | The new generation liquid timer with improved technology, no leak, like lava timer, small and easy to carry around. | This oil timer for kids has slow bubble, rhythmic oil drops make you relief from your stressful work, also a cool office desk toys .This sensory bottle can hold in hands, is perfect for gentle visual stimulation. This stress relief toy has two bright colored drops that rain down slowly when finish , can flipped over and start again. | The timer is also a fun stuff for parents and teachers to count down like hourglass timer during kids have activities. | Relaxing and incredibly visual, this approximately one minute timer is a great gift for coming holiday to kids, family and friends, they will love it and not let go. It is with a money back guarantee in 30 days









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