Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt, Deep Breathe, 17.63 Oz

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Kneipp bath salts are obtained using a centuries-old traditional extraction method from the salt deposits of a 250-million-year-old ancient ocean. Our bath salts are untouched by environmental influences and free of chemical additives


Pine and Fir essential oils are praised for their ability to ease congestion, relax the body and stimulate the metabolism by helping to boost your activity levels. Fir oil is highly known to detox the body with a beneficial detox bath in our epsom salts. Our team of botanists, dermatologists and scientists work hand in hand to create natural, vegan products that work naturally. Not only do we aim to physically improve your body, we also make it a priority to pamper and nourish your skin. | Kneipps bath salts and epsom salts are sourced in Europe's only remaining dispensary, the Saline Luisenhall, from pure natural salt, which is constantly enriched at a depth of 460 meters from the salt deposits of a 250 million-year-old ancient sea. The all natural pure brine is free of chemical additives and environmental influences. | The Pine and Fir Bath Salt provide an uplifting and relaxing bath perfect for soaking as it fills the tub with green hues and a vibrant fragrance blended together to create a memorable experience for the body and mind. Our bath salts are 100% vegan and free of harmful chemicals. Combine the bath salt with one of our bubble baths for the ultimate bath experience. | Experience Natural Congestion Relief Stimulate Energy Levels through Hydrotherapy. Sebastian Kneipp, the inventor of the water cure, created remedies by combining water treatments with healing plant oils. His full bath water cure not only refreshes your whole body but uses water pressure to relax your body and stimulate the organisms. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes and reap the reward of bathing in the bath salts. | 125 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS NATURE'S EXPERT, Kneipp continues its heritage by providing natural body, bathing and skin care products that nourish, beautify and invigorate the skin and mood. Health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation for the emergence of products created from plants with a focus on nature and health. We never test products on animals, of course! We source raw materials with sustainability and high quality as our main objectives.



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