Lash Clusters D Curl 12-18MIX DIY Eyelash Extensions 72 Lashes B&Q LASH Individual Eyelash Clusters Extensions Wispy Lashes Cluster DIY at Home (B02,D-12-18MIX)

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Have You Ever Had These Problems in Your Daily Life?Want to graft eyelashes, but the distance is too far or the time is not convenient?The eyelash extension style you want can't be displayed well by the eyelash artist?The appointment time for eyelash grafting is too long and it is too late to wait for yourself?You should try to "graft" the eyelash extension by yourself!?? DIY AT HOMEPerfect curl-C curl, let your eyelashes curl at a perfect angle.B&Q LASH individual lashes are very soft, matte black. Natural fluffy, enlarge your eyes and make you look more attractive!?? SOFT & COMFORTABLE:The fan lashes extensions are made of imported lightweight materialsWhich are light and soft, and will not burden your eyes.??HANDMADE & DURABLE:Purely hand-made, so that the russian eyelash extensions have a stable curvature without collapsing.The glue on the roots of the eyelashes is moderate and there is no residue.It will not happen because of too little glue, which causes eyelashes to fall apart.?? 100% CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN:Please rest assured that we will not harm our animal friends, nor do animal tests.All lash extensions are made of artificial raw materials.?? Enjoy the creative time of DIY individual cluster lashes!



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