Little Champion Reader 1,000 Sight Fry Dolch Word-List Flashcards in 10-Pack Bundle Set, Pre-K to 3rd Grade, Teaches 1,000 Dolch Fry High-Frequency Sight Words

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Sight Words, also called high-frequency words, constitute up to 75 percent of children's elementary school text. Sight words typically don't follow phonetic rules and therefore are too tricky for young readers to decode on their own. Memorization of sight words leads to automatic recognition of a word even before attempting to read, allowing the child a chance to concentrate on comprehension without having to spend time stopping and decoding every single word. Instant recognition of sight words leads to increased reading confidence, faster reading speed and better comprehension skills. This 10-pack set from Little Champion Reader teaches all 1,000 sight words extracted from Dolch Fry Word List. Using sight word flashcards is the simplest and fastest way to memorize those sight word lists!


MEMORIZE ALL 1,000 SIGHT WORDS: Teaches your child all the 1,000 High-Frequency Sight Words used in extracted from Dolch Fry Word List (more than 75% of elementary school text) | CREATE SUCCESSFUL READERS: Increase your child's reading fluency and confidence, resulting in independent book reading | PROMOTE INDEPENDENT BOOK READING: Helps your child instantly recognize the most common sight words so they are encouraged to read independently | 10-PACK SET: Includes 10 Individual Flashcards Packs for learning a total of 1,000 Sight Words | HIGH-QUALITY: Glossy colored print & Plastic-coated; Dotted lines with large simple font; color-coded; Numbered 1-1,000 for easy organization

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