Matatalab Coding Robot for Kids Ages 4-9,STEM Educational Toy for Kids,Entry-Level Programming DIY Mechanical Building Blocks Robot,Game & Code with Matatalab Play

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With MatataLab coding set, kids don't feel like serious coding, they are just playing some maze game adventure.

Learn to code

According to CSTA standard, that kids learn to construct programs, in order to solve a problem or for creative expression, that includes sequencing, events, loops, conditionals, parallelism, and variables, using a block-based visual programming language or text-based language, both independently and collaboratively.


With several sets of adventure maps, kids are challenged to find different ways to meet the target. As they progress from easy to advanced level, kids learn and use new coding concepts step by step. They can collaborate with their friends or compete with them to complete the challenges.

Parameters, Loops, Functions  

The number blocks will allow kids to quantify its movements and angle blocks to rotate it in one direction or the other. In order to do it right, we also created loop blocks and functional blocks to allow even the most experienced children to go even further.


When kids program with a few blocks and hit the button, the robot will follow the instruction according to the block sequence one by one. So they get the idea in mind that block=action, and if the robot didn't perform the action or miss target, they can easily start the debug job.

Code to learn

Coding is not just coding, there are more ways to play! Code to learn math, geometry and your imagination.

Parents don't need any professional skills to play wit your kids. As designed very easy to use, and by offering extra warm-up cards and easy-to-advanced booklets, parents can easily play with kids.


Screenless. Save your screen time and protect your children's eyesight. | Intuitive symbol design, No literacy required,coding robot for kids. | Gamified. Learn basic coding concepts thru hands-on play | Packaged with challenge booklets. Learn from easy to advance in 3 steps | Easy to expand. Available to play with Music/ Artist/ Animation/ Sensor add-on



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