Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon -12-Side Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism (B3 Blue Sky)

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Specification Material: Premium pc+abc size: 2. 73*2. 43*2. 92weight: 2. 3oz more features: this newest 12 sides cube fidget dodecagon is very good toy for relieving adults stress and helping kids recognition. fidget Cube is good for when you are in class when you need like If you're angry or if you're not doing good at your work and then it helps you Calm down. 12 sides to make you feel relaxed according to the human body mechanics design can effectively relieve hand muscles, soothing the brain fidget dodecagon has 12 sides with each side featuring something different to fidget with: ear - 3 gears can be rolled back and forth. It is to be Poked and rolled with voice of clarity and harmony. otating disk - disk Can be clicked and turned in any direction. Turn it just like you are turning a disk. utton - GAME pad controller buttons experience silicone ball - it is resilient and can be pulled and pinched freely. ilicone Ball-Soft and exquisite hand feeling, resilient. oystick - you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the gliding action. witch - pivot it back and forth and make you feel like turning on and off something oft rope - it is retractable and can hung anywhere. lick - with it you don't need to click that pen anymore. inger massage - the tactility of the surface has the function of improving blood circulation and massage. orry stone - use your fingers to rub it repeatedly and it can relieve stress and annoyance effectively. liding blocks - sliding blocks to adjust your own life rhythm. inions - the little faces are cute. They won't get Angry no matter how you pinch them.


? fidget dodecagon 12 sides fidget Cube to keeps minds and fingers occupied, help reduce stress and anxiety, preventing the mind from wandering off, allowing one to better focus. | ?12 sided fidget Cube has 12 sides to keep your hand busy. It's made with high-quality ABS plastic which has smooth surface, give you smooth click roll, great for clickers, flickers, rollers and spinners. | ?12 sides Includes gears, buttons, joystick, switch, soothes, and stress balls, disk, silicone balls, joystick connection. . . Release your body and mood and help you focus on your work or study. | ?Pocket sized, durable, light weight, discrete, and portable. The fidget Cube is suitable for both kids and adults, great toy for fidgets, anxiety, focusing, add&adhd, ocd, Autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake | ?Gift package. The fight cube comes with an protective case. The extremely portable and pocket size which is easy to carry, play anytime, anywhere. Perfect device for school, work, meetings, Church, libraries and more important notice: the authentic products is sold by magxanadu, we never give authorization to any other seller. Please READ carefully before order.









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