Monster Jam Grave Digger Monster Dirt Deluxe Set with Monster Dirt & 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Truck

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Build it! Jump it! Smash it! Do it again! Introducing the all-new Monster Jam Monster dirt deluxe set! From the makers of kinetic sand Comes all-new, Monster dirt - engineered dirt that looks and feels like real dirt in the Monster Jam Arena! This gritty set gives you a whole new way to play with all your favorite Monster Jam trucks! Use the included molds to build real ramps out of monster dirt and demolish them in one monstrous, high-flying stunt! Once you perfect the landing, do it again! Set the stage using the launch-ramp mold, brick tray, break-through gate and more to create your very own Monster Jam event! Plus, the included, exclusive 1: 64 scale die-cast Monster Jam truck is detailed with dirt-stained bkt tires, giving it an even more life-like appearance than ever before! Get your Monster Jam Monster dirt deluxe set today and start jamming!


Monster dirt: from the makers of kinetic sand Comes the all-new, life-like Monster dirt! This synthetic dirt looks and feels just like what the pros drive through! It's easy to mold and easy to clean. | More ways to play: Design your Course any way you want using the Monster dirt, launch-ramp mold, brick tray, and break-through gate! Build it! Jump it! Crash it! Then do it again! | Includes exclusive truck: This playset includes an authentic 1: 64 scale grave Digger Monster truck that can't be found anywhere else, complete with greater detail and dirt-stained bkt tires | Top wish list gift: our monster trucks toys make a perfect holiday or birthday gift for boys and girls age 3 and up. Kids will love the high-octane fun of their own realistic Monster truck replica! | Includes: 1 grave Digger truck, 1 large container/ramp mold, 1 basic ramp mold, 16oz Monster dirt, 1 trophy, 1 driver, 1 break-through gate, 1 multi tool, 1 brick tray









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