Moonmo 5pcs Beautiful Handmade Wooden Russia Nesting Dolls Gift Russian Nesting Wishing Dolls Angel Matryoshka Traditional

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Size: 14x7.3x7.3cm. Rich color and different shapes. Really good for lovers showing the deep love. Best choice for children as toys and for adults as decoration. 100% brand new items,traditional russian local work of art. Can be used for holding candies,jewelry,sandries etc,not only beautiful but also practical. Special wood through a long time dry ,gently and no taste, master craftsman carving and painting,beautiful and generous.


These 5 dolls are of different size and the color combination is applied perfectly to match them together. (Noted we have the same price and quality 5pcs angel nesting doll, ASIN is B01KX66DXI, if this doll is out of stock in FBA, you can buy according to this new ASIN) | These dolls are made up of basswood which is the perfect material for this kind of product. The high quality and sturdy wooden dolls are more durable than the cheap ones available in the market | The package includes 5 pieces of exciting colorful Russian dolls that will be perfect in rooms of every color. This is very easy to use and do not take much space according to the size | These dolls are traditional Russian work of art. These nesting dolls were carved from a single piece of wood and later they were broken down into pieces. They were hand painted very carefully by the finest workers of the market | These attractive Russian dolls are not just for looks. These are very useful and practical as well. You can keep you candies, jewelry etc in them according to your needs. Finding your jewelry at the last moment will never be so easy. For more different kinds of nesting dolls with different pieces and patterns, welcome to visit our store Moonmo.









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