MoreFiesta Handmade Pirinola Toma Todo Toy Game with 100 Chips - Set of 1 Hand Painted 3 Inches Tall Wood Spinning Tops Traditional Game in Spanish and Chips (Deluxe)

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The toy "Pirinola" has been a very popular game in Mexico for a long time. A handcrafted and painted traditional wood toy made by skillful artisans in Mexico. This set two wooden pirinola spinning top. This handmade toys come packed in a gift-able and pretty Kraft box. No assembly required. Two or more players are needed to play this game. How the game is played: All the players put a coin, nut (or any item of your choosing) in the middle. Then the players take turns spinning the pirinola. They hold the top of the pirinola with their fingers in order to spin it. Then, they either take or give down the number coins, nuts (or items) indicated on the pirinola: Pon 1 (place 1), Pon 2 (place 2), Toma 1 (take 1), Toma 2 (take 2), Toma todo (take everything). At the end of the game (which can be determined by a certain number of spins that each player is granted) the player who has the most coins, nuts (or items) wins. This set contains: One Toma Todo Spinner and 100 cardboard chips to play. Chips are thick and silver shiny. Made In Mexico. Great decoration and game for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party.


Fine wood "Toma-Todo" toys | Set comes with 1 spinning top and 100 chips | Packed in a gift-able Kraft box | Handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans | Made in Mexico - Assortment of colors may vary



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