MUNKCARE Oral Swabs Flavored Lemon- Elderly Tooth Cleaning Sponges 150 counts

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MUMKCARE's oral care swab sticks made by strongest material to ensure sponge head never come off and stick would not break off. How to use: Soak the head with hot water for 1 minutes before use it, wipe your teeth with a sponge swab after you clean your mouth with cleaning fluid, remember the sponge swab is disposable, do not reuse it. Ranges of application: Due to teeth are sensitive or have dental disease, so dental swab is an indispensable cleaning tool, which can achieve the effect of the protection and cleaning of the oral care. Why Choose MUNKCARE Whether you change swabs/toothettes often or they get chewed up because of braces/invisalign, buy MUNKCARE to save money while keeping the quality you deserve. MUNKCARE doesn't promise quality, it's guaranteed. Feature: All material is medical grade without odorous. The disposable oral care sponge swabs are latex free and EO sterile. Ergonomic design to ensure this mouth cleaning swabs sponge and stick would not hurt your mouth and throat. Widely used on adult oral care, child dental cleaning and in some cases for the pet mouth care. This untreated disposable oral swab made by professional manufacturer for anyone who cannot expectorate and cannot perform their own oral care. it make mouth cleaning Easier and Faster. MUNKCARE's disposable oral swabs have soft foam heads that are gentle, even to fragile tissues. Perpendicular ridges help lift debris and mucus, clean between teeth and stimulate oral tissue.


LATEX FREE MATERIAL: This type of oral swab is composed by soft and latex free sponge with high water absorbent and shaft which is white PP plastic stick | EASY TEETH CLEANING: The open cell sponge has special ridge-designed that could make the mouth cleaner | TREATED FOR LEMON FEELING: Oral swabs with lemon-flavored to make your mouth refreshed | DURABLE: We use the high quality material to joint the sponge and the handle to ensure its durability and for that our handle stick is firm enough that will not be broken easily | INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Individually wrapped mouth swabs to stay fresh

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