MyMagic 24 Pieces of Foam PU Happy Smiley Face Stress BallsStress Relief Balls, Fun Party Balls (Smiley Face)

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Fun Smiley Face Stress Balls for Stress and Hand Therapy. Five kinds of color.Good For Escalating Your Mood. Hand Exercise Squeeze Stress Balls - Great Soft And Safe Indoor or Outdoor Balls. Foam balls make it easy to throw and catch. Relax-able sports balls are great for kids learning to catch, and great to squeeze to melt away some stress. Perfect Sports Party Favors. Great For Any Party And Occasion. Specifications Material: PU sponge ball,safe and nontoxic. Color: Yellow&Red&Geen&Blue&Orangehe number of each color is random. Size: around 2.5 inches in diameter. Package includes: 24 pieces of Stress Balls (2 sets of 12 pieces). How to Use Feel free to squeeze,relieve your feelings.Squeeze ball will take away your stress and relax you. Stress ball is a good tool for self-regulating,which helps you focus. Fulfilled By Merchant ,usually the item will be delivered to you in two to three weeks.


Package includes: 24 Pieces of Smiley Face Stress Balls. (2 sets of 12 pieces). | Size:Diameter is Around 2.5 Inches. | Assorted Colors Include: Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green,The number of each color is random. | Best toy for any party, goody bag gift, giveaway, holiday gift, gag toy etc.Improve grip strength, dexterity, mobility as well as fine and gross motor skills.Helps to relief your stiffness and relax your entire hand just like a finger THERAPY Reliefs your muscle and joint all together. | Material:Foam Filled Soft PU balls.






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