OLAY Moisture Ribbons Plus, Shea plus Lavender Oil 18 oz (Pack of 2)

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Product Description 2-in-1 Essential Oils Luscious Orchid Body Wash provides intense moisturization with hydrating Olay Essential Oil Ribbons. Experience the long-lasting moisture with jojoba butter and crushed orchid extract. From the Manufacturer One ribbon of advanced moisturizer, one ribbon of cleansing body wash, one mouth-watering scent-one incredible shower experience! Only Olay 2-in-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Moisturizing Body Wash combines the intense moisturizing properties of Olay with cleansers to leave behind hydrated, more beautiful skin. Its nourishing formula provides long-lasting moisture while releasing an indulgent scent. What Are You Looking For From Your Body Wash Scent: Try Olay Cleansing body washesMoisture: Try Olay Moisture body washesExtra Moisture: Try Olay 2-in-1 Advanced Ribbons body washesMoisture & Scent: Try Olay 2-in-1 Essential Oils body washes Indulge With Your Favorite Scent Luscious Orchid Infused with jojoba extract and the exotic scent of fresh orchids Refreshing Nectarine Infused with sunflower oil and the fresh scent of juicy nectarines Silky Berry Infused with almond oil and the mouthwatering scent of fresh-picked berries Soothing Cucumber Infused with avocado oil and the crisp scent of refreshing cucumber Did You Know Dry Skin Remedies In Your Shower Experiencing dry, itchy skin The cause could be lurking right in your own bathroom. P&G beauty scientists conducted a survey and found that taking frequent hot showers and baths is one of the leading factors of dry skin. So what is a dry-skin remedy in the shower Reach for moisture-enriched body washes and beauty bars, which have more moisture than regular soap. These can help you battle dry skin as you cleanse. Three Ways to Enjoy the Same Rich Scent Massaging Bar Soap Deep cleansing lather and massaging design. Cleansing Body Wash Rich lather for a fresh clean. 2-in-1 Essential Oils Ribbons Body Wash Advanced moisturizing lather infused with natural extracts. Olay Product and Ingredient Safety Promise Olay is committed to providing safe products to our consumers. Ensuring the safety of our products is a responsibility that Olay takes very seriously. In fact, each year, Olay conducts over 400,000 safety and quality tests to ensure an excellent experience for women around the world. All Olay ingredients must be substantiated for safety over a lifetime of intended use prior to manufacturing. As an example, we conducted over 250 separate safety evaluations for new Olay product formulations in the last year alone. More than 1,000 Procter & Gamble employees globally work full-time to ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of our products and operations, including more than 500 employees who work directly on product safety.


Hydrating body wash cleanses while delivering all-day moisture for deeply nourished skin | Infused with hydrating Olay Essential Oil Ribbons | Formulated with the light fragrance of fresh orchids





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