Old Spice Body Wash for Men, Body Wash for Men, High Endurance Fresh Scent, 18 Fl Oz (Pack of 4)

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Old Spice Men's Body Wash cleans skin and throws odor out on its ear. Put a small amount in your hand, loofah or washcloth in the shower, work up a lather, and use to clean your body and face. What's better than smelling like man I'm so glad you asked, because the only thing better than smelling like a man is smelling like a man who knows how to smell manly. I'm talking about the sophisticated scent of a man who uses Old Spice. Fresh is the ever-impressive scent of clean citrus. Old Spice Men's Body Wash drop-kicks dirt and odor for you, So you can focus on higher pursuits like closing deals or teaching dolphins to speak. So get yourself some high Endurance collection and prepare for success, because it will find you no matter what.


3X clean: Clean rinse feel, clean crisp scents, and clean refreshing lather | Protects against odor and cleans away dirt | High Endurance collection boosts your man-smell and prepares you for success | Refreshing lather drop-kicks dirt and odor, does a clothesline on them and then slams them with a folding chair | The masculine, citrus scent of success

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