Oral B Satin Mint Tape (25M) - Pack Of 2

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Oral-B Satin Tape dental floss is made of a silky ribbon-like floss that wraps comfortably around fingers and slides smoothly between teeth and below the gum line for a more elegant experience. Oral-B Satin Tape s 2-layered design effectively removes plaque and food particles to help prevent cavities and gum problems, offering a simple and easy way to greatly improve the health of your teeth and gums. The floss is easy to insert and handle to help you reach even the tightest spots, lets you know it s working by adding a burst of mint freshness and is gentle on gums and fingers for your comfort. Use with Oral-B brushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash for best results. Flossing action for a fresh clean feeling, Burst of freshness, satin-like ribbon, Comfort Grip, Mint flavor Oral-B Satin Dental Floss is for cleaning between the teeth and places that brushing can't reach. A tape with a satin feel for comfort and glide. Mint Flavor.


Oral-B Satin Tape instantly feels different as it releases a burst of mint freshness on contact that lets you know it is working | Its unique satin-like ribbon is comfortable to handle | It effectively cleans out plaque and particles between your teeth, so you teeth feel squeaky clean | Daily flossing with Oral B Satin Tape helps you do more to keep your teeth and gums healthy | 25 Meters





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