PB & Jane Dinosaur Egg Dig Bonus Kit- Complete with 13 Eggs, Stuffed Dino Toy Carrier and 12 Trading Cards, Archaeology Science STEM Gift

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Discover the fun of digging for Dinos! Ever wonder what it's like to be a paleontologist, digging and discovering new hidden treasuresEnjoy the excitement of Digging for Dinos! Uncover 12 unique mini Dinos, match them up to your full color Dino Cards and learn all about your Dinos. The Dino Cards are written in bullet point format for easy fun fact discovery. This is a gift for all ages. Yes, this is fun for adults as well as kids! SOAK the egg for 2 min in water, Prepare the egg excavation area! (We recommend placing the egg on a tough paper plate to help contain the possible mess.) Dig in to find your Dino. Don't forget, sometimes it's good to get your hands dirty! Take your Dinos To Go! Ever wonder what comes next after a fun science projectThis Kit includes a Soft Stuffed Dino Toy Carrying Case for continued fun, play, Dino storage and portability. Your mini Dinos and Dino Cards both fit in your new Stuffed Dino with some extra room for any other small treasures your child likes to carry around. Stuffed Dino has a Clip attached so you can easily hang it on your backpack or purse. Take with you to soccer games, grocery shopping or to the park! Stuffed Dino Dimensions L 12 in. x W 5 in. x H 4.5 in. Our Dinosaur Eggs Dig Bonus pack offers you a fun beginning, middle and no end to the fun. Dig into your eggs and discover the fun of Digging for Dinos!


UNLOCK YOUR INNER PALEONTOLOGIST: fun and educational science kit for all ages, 13 individually wrapped eggs are a great gift for kids birthday parties and family gatherings. Don't just dig, play! (Recommended for ages 6+, Under 6 may need adult assistance) | STEM.ORG AUTHENTICATED EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT: This product has been evaluated by STEM.org and has been authenticated to meet the highest standards of STEM learning. | ? EXCAVATE YOUR DINOS: SOAK your egg for 2 minutes in water, Prepare the egg excavation area! (We recommend placing the egg on a tough paper plate to help contain the possible mess.) then dig in to find your Dino, Don't forget, sometimes it is good to get your hands dirty! | ??TAKE YOUR DINOS TO GO: Stuffed Dino Carrier fits all your Dinos and trading cards, Now you can take your mini Dinos and Dino Cards with you for continued Dino fun! Also a good place to store Mini Dinos so they don't end up living under your couch! | ??12 DINO LEARNING CARDS: T Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops and much more, Match your dinosaurs to their cards and learn fun facts about them with these full color trading cards. Place them in your new Stuffed Dino so you can have them with you wherever you go.









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