Pica Toys Wooden Solar and Wireless Remote Control Car Robotics Creative Engineering Circuit Science Stem Building Kit - Hybird Power for Electric Motor - DIY Experiment for Kids, Teens and Adults

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STEM for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

We make STEM accessible, engaging, and fun. Our goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, and makers

Model Car Kit for Kids to Build: Create the electric and solar-powered car, you will learn

  • Science: How does the car control by the remote 
  • Technology: How does the solar panel work
  • Engineering: How to build a wooden solar car
  • Math: How a hybrid car works with both electric and solar powers

Make STEM fun: Create a solar and electric car, playing while learning! 

A great family activity: Kids, teens, parents, and grandparents all enjoy innovating and tinkering together. 

What does our customer say:

"I love seeing the genuine excitement and enthusiasm on his face when the model car kit finished by himself. I can't recommend this solar car kit highly enough for curious-minded kids." - Mike Hemming

"My 8yo boy does this model car kit in one day - he can't contain the excitement. "-Smith Ama

Check out the related videos: It is amazing what happens when we trust kids with their ideas. 

This is the perfect choice to inspire young kids to learn and build their inventions. Who knows what talents your kids have got/p>

What's included:

Experiment accessories package x 1 (all accessories are included)

Instruction book x 1Note: AA batteries are not included in the package.


A scholastic building educational learning and engineering kit toy for kids to have intellectual development, hands-on ability, IQ building, communicating and interactive skills | Specific and guided instruction enables children brain to think while playing, and create interactive inventions with the blocks and accessories package | Playing while learning puzzle and physics circuit knowledge, all parts are provided in one package for kids to assembly DIY to have a sense of accomplishment and skill of spark imagination fulfillment | All materials are of premium and safe quality, wooden blocks are made of real wood organic without chemical finishing, 100% safety for kids, with special handcrafted packaging box. | Perfect for parents playing with kids to have fun and meaningful family time, kids gonna love it and can't wait to play with you! It is so cool, buy it as the best gift for kids.









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