Picture My Picture Feelings and Emotions, Prepositions, Verbs, Categories and Go Togethers Flash Card Pack | Speech Therapy Materials, ESL Materials

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About the Product Enjoy teaching feelings and emotions, prepositions, verbs, categories and go togethers with this set of high quality educational flash cards. Printed on coated 300 gsm art card stock and packaged in customised tuck boxes, they offer lasting value. Each flashcard is 5.9" x 3.9" in size and depicts 'real life' images of (1) people experiencing a range of emotions, (2) a range of spatial concepts, (3) people engaging in a range of actions. (4) groups of objects and (5) paired objects - ones that inherently 'go together'.
Instructions includedThe step-by-step guide for each set gives teachers and parents the opportunity to move from one activity to another in order of complexity, thus catering for people at varying stages in their understanding and expression of these concepts.
Target Audience These flashcards are suitable for kids and adults and are an ideal learning tool for speech pathology, ESL (English As A Second Language), ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), early intervention and as a resource for autism.
About the Manufacturer At Picture My Picture our intention is to make learning easy and fun. Our range of toys and games, including our language cards, encourage the acquisition of vocabulary and language development as well as enhancing communication and conversation skills.


BENEFITS: Encourages reasoning, language development, communication and conversation. | DETAILS: 40 cards per set (200 cards in total). Each card measures 5.9" x 3.9" and is double sided - the image is on the front and the teaching label is on the reverse side. | SUITABLE FOR: General education, Speech Therapy, English As A Second Language (ESL), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and as a teaching resource for autism. Ideal for children and adults. | ADDED FEATURE: Each set includes a list of ideas and activities, making them a great educational tool for teachers and parents, in the classroom and at home. | TEACHING TARGETS: Emotions Set - 10 feelings and emotions. Prepositions Set - 7 spatial concepts. Verbs Set - 40 actions. Categories Set- 8 category types. Go Togethers Set - 20 pairs of associated objects.









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