Pillow Pets Sesame Street Elmo 16" Stuffed Animal Plush

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Pillow Pets has made your favorite Sesame Street monster into an adorable plush! Elmo is a red, happy monster who likes to giggle and be tickled. He's an optimistic, friendly pal who is perfect for all of your adventures! As a Pillow Pet, Elmo is a soft, cozy plush that everyone can snuggle up with and enjoy. He starts out as a fun pal to play with, and then his belly unfastens to magically turn into a pillow!


SESAME STREET: Take your favorite furry friend from Sesame Street into your home as a Pillow Pet! Elmo is a red, happy monster who likes to giggle and be tickled. He's a perfect pal for play! | COMFORTING COMPANION: Pillow Pets presents super soft, cute, & adorable stuffed animals that unfold into fuzzy pillows for sleep. Kids, teens, & adults love these classic & collectible comfy critters. | COMFORT: This plush is a pal by day, then unfasten its belly to make a pillow by night! Comfortable travel friend for any child on road trips & airplanes. Also use as boy & girl bedroom decoration. | BEST BUDDY: Children of all ages will love this original toy for play & as a large pillow for reading, watching television, studying, and sleepy nap time. Youth love to read with this cozy creature. | DETAILS: This plush is made of high-quality chenille and is BPA-free and Phthalates-free. To wash, place in white pillowcase and tie off open end. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.









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