PILPOC Fidget Controller Pad Cube - Premium Quality Fidget Game Focus Toy, Smooth ABS Plastic with Exclusive Protective Case, Stress Relief Toy, for Add/ADHD (Black & Mix)

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PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller Fidget Toy.


ERGONOMIC & EASY TO USE FIDGET TOY: PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller is the most ergonomic, easy to use and addictive fidget toy today. The PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller is small and lightweight, and you can easily store it in your pocket and take it anywhere with you. | ENDLESS FIDGETING: With 8 fidget functions - (1) A clickable rotatable joystick; (2) 4 clickable buttons (2 audible and 2 silent); (3) Gear roller; (4) A grip textured massage roller; (5) A clickable switch; (6) A spinnable dial; (7) A spring loaded slider; (8) A grip textured section - This Fidget Pad Controller provides endless fidgeting! | EXCLUSIVE PROTECTIVE CASE: PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller includes an exclusive, high quality, beautiful case that keeps the fidget toy intact. You can carry it all day in your pocket without worrying it will break, and this beautiful case also makes a great gift! | PREMIUM QUALITY FIDGET PAD CONTROLLER: Our Fidget Toy is made of high quality ABS Plastic and has smooth rubberized surface, soft rubber buttons, better joystick & buttons, crisp clicking sound and silent buttons - PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller is definitely the best Fidget Toy on the market! | MADE TO EASE STRESS AND INCREASE CONCENTRATION: Perfect for ADD, ADHD, Autism or Anxiety. Ideal for students, office workers and everyday fidgeters.



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