Pint-Size Scholars Sight Words Pizza Board Game | 120 Vocabulary Words for Reading & Spelling Readiness (Dolch & Fry) | Educational Learning Board Games for Kids | Teaching Tool for Parents & Teachers

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Teach Children New Words on Every Slice & Topping of Sight Words Pizza! Sight Words appear with high frequency in books read by children, but typically don't follow the usual rules of phonics. This means they're tricky, and young readers might not be able to sound them out! Strong readers and writers memorize and internalize Sight Words, which increases reading speed, fluency, and comprehension. Now you can increase your vocabulary with a slice of pizza! Sight Words Pizza reinforces and increases retention of new acquired sight words with fun, competitive gameplay that provides vital repetition. During a game young learners get several chances to read and interact with crucial sight words, all while assembling gooey, cheesy pizzas! In Your Order: You'll find 16 Pizza Slices, 4 Pizza Pans, 1 Spinner, 90 Basic toppings, 30 Advanced Toppings, 1 Rules Booklet. Why You'll Love It It can be a challenge to teach any child to spell and read. Why not make it a fun activity for themAnd it's pizza! What kiddo wouldn't want a slice of thatWith 120 sight words, 16 pizza slices, and 4 pizza pans, you'll have just as much fun as your child or student! An excellent tool for teachers, parents, psychiatrists, and more. Each bite-sized lesson will help your child succeed in literacy and fun!


?? NO MORE FLASH CARDS: Disguise learning Dolch and Fry sight words as a delicious pizza! Great game for young children, toddlers, boys, and girls of all ages. 1-4 players | ?? VOCAB BUILDER & PIZZA BUILDER: Improve phonemic awareness, reinforce retention and memory with fun, cooperative play. Great for homeschooling or the classroom | ?? SPECIAL DELIVERY: This cute, fun game refines skills with writing, spelling, and reading challenges | ?? YOUR ORDER: Includes 120 sight word ingredients, 16 pizza slices, 4 pizza pans, a spinner, and instructions | ?? IT'S GOOD FOR YOU! 90 basic sight words and 30 advanced words for strong readers, making this an excellent board game for kids in pre-school, kindergarten, or elementary school









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