Playmags 2 Piece Car Set: with Stronger Magnets, STEM Toys for Kids, Use with All Magnetic Tiles and Blocks Sturdy, Super Durable with Vivid Clear Color Tiles. (Colors May Vary)

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Playmags 2 Piece Car Set: Now with Stronger Magnets, Sturdy, Super Durable with Vivid Clear Color Tiles. (Colors May Vary)

Inspirational Playmags is taking magnetic tiles to the next level. Now make your child's creative play better, made with the superior quality material.
With magnetic car toy set, your child can build cars, trucks buses and much more there is no limitation of creativity. Wheels attached to the tiles are the justification of total child safety. Go creative with fun and safety. Have fun with your kid's Playmags toys collection, is a fun opportunity for big kids. Some-times in life small things can give the happiest moment for the life, go for those happy moments with the Playmags tiles collection.
Dr. Toy Review Playmags Magnetic Building Blocks attract on all sides and the combinations form many different shapes and structures. From flat designs to squares, pyramids, plus many more unlimited geometric shapes. Tiles easily connect, which prompts kids to move from constructing two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. Magnificent high-rise 3D towers are designed by kids who have developed into critical thinkers through creative play. As they build, kids develop tools for spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking, and math reasoning. Blocks easily connect and inspire creativity, brain development patterning, shape recognition, building, and motor skills.
Specs & Details
Recommended for ages 3 and up
Safe & non toxic
Compatible with other magnetic playboard and plate sets
Winner of Dr. Toy's 2013 award

How to Enjoy
Introduce your toddler to the wonder of magnets
Watch their creativity enhance through building and sculpture
Use these entertaining tiles as vehicles for learning
Stick with these toys for surefire schooling success!

Package Content Playmags Wheelbase Set Twin Pack Set


PLAYMAGS 2 PIECE CAR SET Includes 2 Magnetic Car Beds 6x3" With Connected Wheels so It's Safe for Little Kids. | EXTRA POWERFUL TILE MAGNETS 12 Magnets Tightly Encased in Each Car So You Can Build Magnet Tiles Around it. | PLAY TIME VERSATILITY Compatible With Other Magnetic Tiles, Cars Can be Linked Together to Form a Train Buses Etc | SAFETY & SPECIFICATION Made With Highest Quality Material, Safety Tested And Cars Have Rivets At All 4 Corners To Keep the Car Closed, Colors May Vary | BONDING BY PLAYING - Entertaining for Single or Multiple Parties and Feel the Sense of Achievement Together. Suitable for all Ages (3+ and up) a Great Way to Spend Quality Time with The Family and Loved Ones









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