Prextex Kiddie Magician Role Play Costume and Tricks Set for Kids - Pretend Play Dress Up Set with Exciting Magic Trick Props and 1 Full Hour Training Instruction DVD

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This Prextex Deluxe My First Role-Play Magic Set Costume and Tricks Set features a complete kiddie dress up set + tricks, including the following:

    Costume Set:
  • Magician's Top Hat
  • Black Cape
  • Magic Wand
  • Pair of White Gloves
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • 3 Cups and Balls
  • Vanishing Scarf
  • Playing Cards
  • Magic Coloring Book
  • Silver Coin
  • Color-Changing Scarf

  • 1 Full-Hour Training DVD
Ever wondered what's behind certain magic tricks/b>
Is your little one an aspiring magicianbr> This set is for you!

Prextex has teamed up with Magic Eli - a professional magician with over 15 years' experience - to produce a DVD teaching budding magicians out there how to perform these tricks. In the DVD included in this set, you will learn a number of classic routines, from the cups and balls, through card tricks, coin tricks to a staple of children's parties, the magic coloring book. Each trick is taught in depth, showing not only the sleights involved, but also how to present it, along with invaluable tips from a working magician. With the information taught on this DVD, aspiring magicians will be able to hit the ground running, and acquire an excellent all-around knowledge of magic.Features:

Set Includes: Magician's top hat, black cape, magic wand and a pair of white gloves | This super-exciting deluxe set includes a full array of tricks, from simple to advanced | Comes with a ONE FULL HOUR DVD which demonstrates and teaches each trick with advanced performance tips from a real magician | With this complete costume + tricks set, your budding magician will be ready to take the stage and amaze their friends and family like never before | Makes the most perfect gift idea for any kid for Halloween, Christmas or any occasion









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