Professional Dental Tartar Scraper Tool - Dental Pick, Double Ended Tartar Remover for Teeth, Plaque Remover, Tooth Scraper - Added Tooth Cleaning at Home - 100% Stainless Steel

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Keep Your Oral Hygiene in Top Shape with Professional Grade Dental Tools This Double-Ended Tartar Scraper allows for the safe and effective removal of plaque and tartar build-up along the gum line and between the teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. The durable metal resists wear and tarnish to keep it going for longer. Safe, painless, and easy to maneuver 100% stainless steel Tartar remover can be easily sterilized Approved for dental use Small shovel blade scraper removes plaque and tartar build-up How to Use the Scraper: The plaque scraper has two ends, use whichever ends that will remove the plaque more efficiently. Go from one side of the mouth and work around the mouth. First, work on the flat surfaces of the teeth of the cheek side. Apply the blade of the plaque scraper on the back of the flat surface. Make sure to place the tip of the plaque scraper towards the gum line, then pull the plaque scraper GENTLY, after each motion. Wipe the plaque off the blade with a tissue, now repeat until there is no more plaque on the blade and then start working between the teeth. To remove the plaque between the teeth, place the blade near the gum line between the teeth, then pull the blade away from the gum line. Go on to the next tooth and finally around the mouth. Then work on the tooth surfaces of the tongue side. And repeat the scraping until the whole mouth is clean.


100 percent stainless steel metal resists wear and tarnish providing durability | A long tool with the wide reach easily cleans the hard to see areas of your mouth | Cleans without causing pain and damaging the tooth enamel | Double-ended hook scraper removes plaque and stains without a hitch | Wipe the plaque off the blade with a tissue, then repeat until there is no more plaque left on the blade





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