Raw Cocoa Butter 16 oz. / 1 lb. 100% Pure Unrefined FOOD GRADE Arriba Nacional Cacao Bean, Bulk Rich Chocolate Aroma For Lip Balms, Stretch Marks, DIY Base For Body Butters & Soap Making

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Premium Ecuadorian Cacao / Cocoa Butter from superior Arriba Nacional Bean. Exquisite chocolate aroma and taste, naturally sugar free with a strong, raw, chocolate flavor. 100% vegan, raw, non roasted. Pesticides / impurities-free. Nutrient dense superfood, high in health-promoting flavonoids, flavanols, zinc (supports acne and eczema), protein and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, improves poor circulation, bone health, and chromium. It's known to balance, control, and lower blood sugar level. It also reduces appetite, helping you with a natural weight loss solution. Best superfood for diabetics and anti aging. Ingredients: 100% Unrefined Virgin Cocoa Butter


USE AS AN EDIBLE BUTTER: Cocoa Butter is edible and possesses an extraordinary rich, delicate chocolate aroma. Add a piece of this ecstatic butter to your favorite smoothie, dessert, ice cream or chocolate creation. Because it has not been damaged by heat, our cocoa butter melts easily and blends nicely into any type of recipe. | TREATING DARK SPOTS: Helps greatly in treating dark spots, stretch mark , burns, irritation in psoriasis, wrinkles, blemishes, diaper rash, scars & skin discolorations. | AS A MOISTURIZER and HEALER for SKIN:Cocoa butter may be used as a skin moisturizer. The moisturizing abilities of cocoa butter are frequently recommended for prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women, treatment of chapped skin and lips, and as a daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin. | PACKAGED IN HDPE FOOD GRADE JAR WITH "SCREW CAP" TO ENSURE FRESHNESS... NET WEIGHT 1 pound | Non GMO - Arriba Nacional Bean - 100% Vegan - Unrefined





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