ROCK N LEARN Early Math DVD Collection: Addition & Subtraction Rap, Telling Time, Money & Making Change

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This math 3-DVD set is a fun way to boost math skills for kindergarten through third grade (ages 5 - 9 years old) and provide differentiated instruction that's engaging and multi-sensory. Math facts are easy to learn with fun songs and entertaining animated characters that clearly illustrate concepts and encourage active student participation. Includes addition and subtraction, how to count coins and bills, and practice making change. Students learn to tell time to the hour, half hour, and minute using traditional analog clocks. They gain proficiency with math facts by performing along with the comical characters in a game-like manner. These DVDs also provide practice with real-world skills, including a virtual shopping adventure where it's essential to make change for purchases. Mastering basic math along with practical applications becomes easy and fun with these award-winning DVDs, specifically designed for kindergarten through third grade levels and remedial or special needs. Includes: Money & Making Change DVD, Telling Time DVD, and Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD. These DVDs grant classroom performance rights to teachers for instructional purposes.


Boost math skills for K - 3 (ages 5 - 9) | Fun songs and comical characters engage kids and keep them focused. | Perfect for differentiated instruction or students with a variety of skill levels | These videos encourage active student involvement and participation. | An effective way to learn making change, telling time, addition, and subtraction









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