Sakura Stickers 6 Sheets with Cherry Tree Mount Fuji Geisha Kinds of Japanese Cherry Blossoms Stickers Decal Pink - 300 Pieces

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These cuteset cherry blossoms stickers would be super popular with kids. Adults like them too.

This HighMount CHERRY BLOSSOMS STICKERS set is perfect for school projects, scrapbooking, card design, and birthday party favors.
Cherry blossoms stickers are ideal for children ages 3 and up.

Well made and cut correctly.

They stick on well also. Each cherry blossoms stickers are the perfect size for our little charts. They are about 1" in diameter, about the size of a dime.

Removable and long lasting.

The glue on the back works well. All of the kids stickers are still stuck on to where they were put.
You can place them on some objects around the house to see how they would do and they haven't come off or peeled.
1. These are cool to give to kids.
2. Cherry blossoms stickers would be great for party favors for a kids birthday or for a teacher to hand out to the class.
3. These kid stickers would also be great for teachers too for grading tests. Would also be great for parents using chore charts or reward charts for their kids.

1 x Cherry blossoms stickers 6 sheets

Recommended for ages 3 through adult.


JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOMS STICKERS: Include the kinds of cherry blossoms stickers | GREAT QUALITY: Make from hot stamping. Lots of variety and nice colorful kids stickers. Well made and cut correctly. Easy to apply, just peel and stick | CHERRY BLOSSOMS DECORATION: Add to your child's imagination with these fun stickers. Perfect for your journal or planners,school projects, scrapbooking, card design, and birthday party favors | 300PCS CHERRY BLOSSOMS STICKERS: There are 6 sheets with 50pcs cherry blossoms stickers per sheet, 300 stickers all together | SIZE OF A DIME: They are about 1" in diameter, about the size of a dime. Perfect size for our little charts









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