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Scione is an international online fashion fidget spinner company, we always strives to provide you with something stylish and funny in toys, youll enjoy them. We deliver a product that provides the consumer with both the joy of adding to their lifestyle as well as the satisfaction of value.

Suffer from heavy feeling in boring
Want to relieve anxiety, ADHD, autism, stress, quitting bad habits
These 50 PACK camo fidget spinners are the best choice for you!

Design: camo fidget spinner
Material: Eco-friendly fabric and high speed bearings
Net Weight: 0.11 lb (1 pcs)
Spin time: 2+ min (approx)

2018 Latest design: trendy, stronger and more durable than ever
Perfect size: suitable for adults and kids over 3 years old
Premium quality body: higher hardness, shockproof, more durable
Great pocket toy: small, simple, discrete.
ADHD focus: great for anxiety, focusing, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake

1. If the metal spinning fidget makes abnormal noise, try using a screwdriver to tighten the screws.
2. The bearings are precision and easily damaged. They should stay away from water and dust.
3. Please clean the bearing with alcohol regularly in case of dust which can affect the normal work of the bearing.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 50 Pack figets spinners


PROFESSIONAL HIGH SPEED BEARINGS : use premium 608 bearings, good gravity, fast rotation. These fidget spinner have stainless steel 608 bearings to increase centripetal force and spin time. We can guarantee to spin longer than generic fidget toys and provide smooth spinning without friction, noise or vibration for the best spinning experience. Perfect pocket toy | ERGONOMICS DESIGN : triangle structure, stylish and smooth, fit your fingers perfectly, compact and easy to carry. Round and smooth surface, protect your fingers from scratching. No repair, oil, maintenance needed, use the stress relief toys right out of box. Bearings are also removable for future upgrades | STRESS RELIVER: you get a superb toy that you can use to increase your focus and concentration while you??re engrossed in thinking tasks. Use one hand to keep this fidget spinner going while you rack your brain over your next project or that new business idea. Flick and spin for minutes with just one or both hands. Great for fidgety hands, anxiety, phone stress, autism, staying awake on long car drives and more | EASY TO USE: To spin the noiseless ADHD figets spinner simply hold with one finger either side of the centre and then with your other hand spin. With practice the spinner can be used with one hand only. To use the anxiety toys on a table simply press the centre to keep it stable and at the same time spin. The fidget toys will continue to spin once you let go | PERFECT GIFT CHOICE: With a figets spinner, you will be able to curb unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking. Your boring time will pass away quickly and you will enjoying a good time when you alone. Instead of fidgeting around with your finger nails you can simply grab the spinner and play with it. Many people have successfully curbed unwanted habits using this funny and cool fidget toy

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