SCOBUTY Tattoo Cover Up, Tattoo Cover up Makeup Waterproof, 2 Colors Waterproof Concealer, Professional Waterproof Skin Concealer Set to Cover Tattoo/Scar/Acne/Birthmarks for Men and Women (2x20g)

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Our Tattoo Concealer Cover Cream Set can help you solve the need to temporarily hide tattoos or scars Suitable for all skin bones 2 Colors Can Be Mixed Add dark or light paste according to skin color needs Waterproof&Sweatproof With this tattoo cover up sticker, you don't have to worry about encountering water or sweating, eliminating your troubles, and it can be used continuously for 5-7 days  Breathable&Thin You can still feel your skin breathing, say goodbye to stuffiness and airtightness, and feel light and comfortable Blend in with Skin Tone This Tattoo Concealer is very suitable for light skinned people, similar skin tone to avoid the embarrassment of color difference How to Use: Step-1 Take a suitable amount of light concealer in the mixing bottle, then add a small amount of dark concealer stirring evenly. Step-2 Take a little concealer smudge on the skin for the color test, and add dark or light paste according to skin color needs. Step-3 Use the fingertips, or concealer brush to paint, cover the center of the flaws with the adjusted concealer, and smudge outward, the makeup is natural. Step-4 Apply evenly and cover the areas that need to be concealed. Finally, use loose powder to set the makeup. Features: The natural essence is an effective formula that does not harm the skin with premium safe ingredients. Hide your blemishes, scars, blemishes, and tattoos to restore your confidence. Quick



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