Sensory Fidget Toys Set, Fidget Sensory Toys Bundle for Kids Autism, ADHD, Adults Anxiety Stress Relief Kit with Stress Balls, Squishy, Stretchy String, Puzzle Balls Variety 27 Pack in Reusable Box

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Multifunction toys Fidget toys for adults, and Fidget toys for sensory kids and also sensory toys for autistic children, Squeeze, stretch, press, flip, twist to relieve stress, anxiety, calming tactile sensory toys, stress reliever multiple fidget toy for teens , increase focus for children, teenagers and adults, especially those with ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism. helps redirect unconscious habits . These are child-friendly but also fits professionals. Great Gift to Choose With color storage box,and many toys inside, it is best gift for men, women, boys, kids. It?s perfect for Valentine gifts, teacher rewards gifts, birthday party favors, Christmas, advent calendar, parties prizes boxes, pinata filler,fidget treasure box toys, classroom projects, novelty gifts and presents, home or school activities. Multipurpose Toys for all ages This pack of small and portable quiet toys and can be played in such as the library, schools, classrooms, offices, car, bus or plane. Because of the small size, these tiny fidget toys are great travel toys and can fit in small pockets, or bag. Moreover, these can be used as party favors and great as a prize for schools and classrooms. Package 6x stretchy strings 4x Mochi Squishy 3x Marble and Mesh 1x Mini Snake Cube Twist Puzzle 1x Dinosaur Squeeze Ball 1x Squeeze Bean 1x Flip Bike Chain 1x Small Basket Ball 1x Rainbow Puzzle Ball 1x Grape Ball 1x 3D Puzzle Box 1x Magic Fidget Cube 1x Snap and Click Snake Cube 1x Coil Springs Toy 1x Puzzle ball 1x Star Puzzle Ball 1x Squeeze number ball


?? FIDGET TOYS ASSORTMENT-27 pack fidget sensory toys bundle with 6 stretchy strings, 4 tiny mochi squishy, 3 marble and mesh, 4 hand stress ball for kids assortment, 6 puzzle balls and puzzle fidget cube, 1 flippy bike chain, 1 squeeze bean, 1 snap and click snake, 1 rainbow coil spring, This adhd fidget toys set with reusable plastic box is very convenient for organization after play. | ?? BRAIN TEASER AND STRESS RELIEF-playing with puzzle cube and balls from this fidget sensory toys bundle, it can improve kids ability of solving complex problem and creativity. Also good fidget toys set helps people all ages calm down and to relief stress, special as fidget toys for sensory kids,or sensory toys for autistic children | ?? EASY TO CARRY- there sensory toys are small size, can easily put in pocket, hold by hand, convenient fidget toys for adults taking to boring meeting, waiting period. Also can be taken to classroom, school or travel in car, bus or airplane by kids. The autism toys are quiet an silent, will not disturb others while you squeeze, flipping or stretchying . | ?? PERFECT GIFT TO CHOOSE -with these fidget assortment in a nice box, making it great gift for Easter basket fillers, pinata adult stuffers, Valentine's Day gifts, Christmas stock fillers, advent calendar, birthday gift, classroom rewards, party favors, fidget treasure box toys, classroom projects, novelty gifts and presents, home or school activities. Get it and share it with your families or friends for a fun party time. | ?? ENVIRONMENAL PROTECTION-These sensory fidget toys are made out of non-toxic environmental protection material, meet international toys standards. it is safe for kids and adults.





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