Sequencing Cards For Storytelling and Picture Interpretation Speech Therapy Game, Special Education Materials, Sentence Building, Problem Solving, Improve Language Skills

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SPARK: Sentence Formulation and Predicting, Answering Questions, Retelling Skills, Knowledge Of Basic Concepts

Specifically designed to encourage children to observe picture details and to improve their picture interpretation skills. The cards can be used to enhance the ability of children to: retell stories, sequence pictures and problem solve. The picture cards can be used to prompt "WH" basic questions of "WHO""WHAT""WHERE" and "WHEN". Each picture scene is illustrated to specifically target higher levels of thinking and to improve proficiency in: responding to "WHY" and "HOW" questions, analyzing and comparing, inferring and predicting, and reasoning

Basic Sequence Card
Use full set of 6 cards for more advanced targeted audience OR Trim to a sequence game of 3-4 cards and used on more simplistic and lower level

Story Retelling
Build skills in story retelling and temporal concepts to transition a student's ability from sequencing basic routines to improvements with story retelling skills

Problem Solving
Each sequencing cards set includes one or more problems depicted in the pictures, that require a child to identify, describe and solve the problem appropriately, Question prompt guides are provided on comprehensive question cue cards

Picture Interpretation
Spark Cards are loaded with many amazing details that provide opportunity to enhance exposure, vocabulary and improvements to identify the main idea

Language Improvements
Cards were specifically designed to be used on their own as well to target, sentence formulation, use of nouns, verbs and verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, temporal concepts

Includes 8 Sequencing Card Sets
Preparing for a Hurricane
Lemonade Sale
Going to the Vet
Playing Football
Going to The Library
Setting the Table
Planting Flowers
Going to the Beach


IMPROVES SKILLS - Great Sequence Speech Game for children that can be used across multiple settings for hours of Educational Fun While Improving Verbal Communication, Expressive Language Skills, Receptive Language Skills, Social Pragmatic Skills and Proper Sequencing | ADAPTABLE FOR ALL AGES - Spark Cards #1 are a Perfect Speech Therapy Game For Classroom and Center Based Activities, individual therapy sessions, at home with parents and entire family. Skill level of cards is adaptable to many levels by simply trimming or using all the cards in a set. Starting from age 4 Story Cards are Suitable For Kids Of All Ages | HIGH QUALITY - Durable High Quality Colorful Large 4.5 x 4.5 Sequence Picture Cards, Packaged with Stand-Up Custom Tab Dividers, For Easy Accessibility. Laminated finish so dry erase markers can be used to highlight picture details | EASY TO USE - Complete manual included for each storytelling card set with questions prompts that can be used by speech therapist, ABA therapist, teachers or parents. Questions are adaptable and can be used to Tell me A Story, Conversation Starters, Early Learning Skills | MULITPLE TARGET GOALS - Use For many Language Goals, Storytelling, Critical thinking, Main Idea Improves Vocabulary, Exposure, Predicting, Problem Solving, Verbs, Pronouns, Sentence Structure, Inferencing, Reasoning Skills









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