Seymour Butz - 2 Rolls - Rainbow Unicorn Funny Toilet Paper - Perfect for Gag Gifts, White Elephant Gifts, or Potty Training

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DOING YOUR BUSINESS JUST GOT MAGICAL The Ultimate Gag Gift What gift do you get that loving partner for your paper anniversaryFor that dear friend or special family memberUnicorn toilet paper, of course! Printed with the cutest rainbows and the prettiest rainbows, this toilet paper makes the perfect gag gift to crown any occasion. Surprise the manliest of men with the most adorable of bathroom tissue and watch them roar in laughter. It also makes a winner of a White Elephant gift and a genuinely adorable treat little girls with a love for unicorns will relish. Jazz Up Potty Training Give your kiddo the incentive to go to the bathroom all by themselves. Bundle this adorable toilet paper with the rest of your potty training supplies and make the entire process a delightful treat for your little one. Wee designed our 3-ply toilet paper with kidssensitive skin in mind. Soft and with smudge-resistant print, it ensures a comfortable wiping experience without any irritation. Every set includes 2 toilet paper rolls to go twice the distance. Here why youl love this unicorn toilet paper: - Makes a great gag gift for men and women. - Includes 2 rolls of high-quality 3-ply toilet paper. - Has cute unicorns and rainbows printed on every sheet. - Brought to life with skin-friendly, non-irritating print.


- CRACK ‘EM UP: Crown that occasion with roaring laughter! This toilet paper pops with prancing unicorns and magical rainbows. The perfect White Elephant joke gift, gag gift for that 1st paper anniversary, and fun treat for Father’s Day, birthdays, and ev









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