SIMATH Luxury Bathtub Pillow for Your Head & Neck. Non-Slip Quick-Drying, Waterproof, Relaxation Bath Pillow with 6 Strong Suction Cups

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Simath 4" Extra Thick Non-Slip Bath Pillow with 6 Suction Cups!!! Do You Want To Give Your Beloved Ones A Luxurious Home Spa Experience Believe Me, This Bathtub Pillow Will Never Let You And Your Beloved Ones Down! Comfortable and relaxing at Its Best Design for Head, Shoulder, Neck Support&Relax and Relieve the Fatigue or Pain No More Slipping & Sliding Simath premium bath pillow equipped with 6pcs the most powerful suction cups, that's 2 more than most other brands!! You can easily fix the bath pillow to the side of the bathtub. Important Using Tips: 1 How to fix the bath pillow tight on a bathtub Please dry the surface of the bathtub before you put the pillow, make sure there's no water/dust contacting with the suction cups. Apply a good amount of pressure with your thumbs on the stitching of each suction cup. 2 Wash it after use Please gently remove the suction cup first, and don not pull it off rudely. Wash and dry it in the sun /a dry and ventilated environment. Make sure the bath pillow is dry before the next use. Besides, We provide the lifetime service warranty and there will be completely no risk for you. Order it now and start enjoying the real relaxing bath!


6 SUCTION CUPS: Our bath pillow offers 6 powerful suction cups to help your pillow stays in place on most smooth tub surface. Simply moisten each suction before use and press firmly on your tub surface for a secure grip. | MACHINE WASHABLE: Easy to clean! This pillow can be washed on cold with gentle detergent. Please wash the pillow by itself (without other clothing items). Never use bleach. Always air dry, do not iron. | QUICK DRYING: The pillow is carefully constructed with open weave mesh technology that helps stimulate active airflow and fast drying capabilities. This helps to prevent moisture from forming in your pillow. | PERFECT GIFT: Provide your loved ones with some real relaxation. Provided the most comfortable tub accessory on any occasion. Such as birthdays, Mother's Day, and parties, etc. | GUARANTEE: if any QUESTIONS we will provide 100% refund or a new one immediately.





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