SkillEase Story Cues Skilled Sequence Cards a Therapy Game for Storytelling, Social Skills and Critical Thinking Skills

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Are you looking for sequencing cards for older childrenCan seem to find sequence cards that are fun and yet more challengingSkillEase has created STORY CUES: Skilled Sequence Cards. The stories are CHALLENGING YET BURSTING WITH FUN AND EXCITEMENT! Students will be begging to try another set to attempt to get the sequence correct. Meanwhile, they are gaining tremendously skills for language, critical thinking, and social skills. These cards are brightly colored and engaging. The set includes 10 stories of 5 cards each in each story for a total of 50 cards. The backs are color coded for quick and easy availability. A comprehensive manual is included to teach you exactly how to use the cards for all kinds of skills (For example: Problem solving, critical thinking, cause and effect, story comprehension, expressive language, formulating sentences, and social skills) and to gain maximum practice. In addition, every story has its own set of sample questions that can be asked to make it easier for parents, therapists and teachers to use.


EASY FOR PARENTS TO USE WITH THEIR CHILDREN WHILE HOME FROM SCHOOL- Parents can help their children gain valuable critical thinking and social skills in a fun and exciting way. | ADVANCED LEVEL STORY CARDS- complex and challenging stories include many language skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, storytelling, expressive language, problem solving etc. and are ideal for bringing SKILLS UP TO A MORE ADVANCED LEVEL. | COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL provides many techniques to master usage of Story Cue cards as well as high level sample questions.In addition, thick durable cardboard cards for long lasting fun and usage. | Set comes with 10 brightly colored stories, 3.5 x 3.5 pictures with 5 cards per story for a total of 50 cards. Color coded backs for easy accessibility. | Perfect for parents working with their children at home, speech therapists, ABAs, BCBAs, special educators, and teachers to be used in the classroom or therapy setting with children, tweens, teens and adults.. Also fun for the family.









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