Skoolzy Cookie Memory Game - Toddler Stocking Stuffers for Kids 3 Years Old and Up. Matching Game for Boys & Girls - Preschool Learning Activities for Montessori, Daycare or Family Travel

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Skoolzy introduces another fun and educational toy for your smart cookie to add to their toddler toys collection with Cookie Bites, a children's scholastic match game. This innovative and multi-purpose memory card game is the perfect starting point for your inspired, open-ended toddler learning activities for boys, girls, nephews, nieces, grandson, granddaughter, son or daughter. Our memory card game and flash cards put a twist on standard card games. Fill a kids imagination and build problem-solving skills while developing memory with the Skoolzy Cookies Matching Game Toddler Toys. The Cookie Bites card game comes with 24-Cookie Bite cards (12-matching pairs) using various pairs of cookies, pumpkin emotions and tree shapes for quick and easy image recognition. Cookie Bites card game is a learning resource that encourages essential cerebral building blocks such as critical thinking and emotional intelligence It's the perfect toddler toy or card game for any child age three (3) years old. Cookie Bites flash card match game and toddler learning activities are easy to learn and play. There are three exciting types of games to play: Same Cookie Matching Game, Smart Cookie Matching Game and Go Bake (similar to Go Fish). Our matching games for 2 year olds and older kids are simple and easy. For the "Same Cookie Matching Game", shuffle cards and place them face down. Take turns turning over the cards two at a time. If they match, then go again. If they don't match, turn the cards face down. It's the next players turn. These flash card and memory games are a perfect gift and easy for travel. Perfect for play dates with friends and family, while encouraging kids to build skill for hours. We've thought through the small details. Now it's up to you. Order Today!


Skoolzy Cookie Bites family games for kids and adults the whole family or class can enjoy! 24 MEMORY CARDS: Time to see if you're a smart cookie!  The card game comes with 24 Cookies (12matching pairs). Approx. 3 1/2". Cards are printed on both sides.   The fake cookies encourage turn-taking while playing together. This fun, easy and engaging memory game for kids reinforces toddler learning activities for boys and girls. Use as sorting toys for toddlers by matching similar tasty plastic cookies. | TODDLER GAMES: Kids will develop pattern recognition skills and memory through their first competitive games for 2 year olds. Memory skills improve with practice. This card game requires the child to remember the patterns of flash cards for matching. Actively boost memory, logic and language while having fun. Use the cookie toy with kids baking set  or cookie jar toy for creative pretend play cookies. Use for occupational therapy, speech therapy toys and language exercises in describing pieces. | MATCHING CARDS GAMES FOR TODDLERS: Learning together while playing games with family or friends makes learning fun and collaborative. These memory games for kids 3 and up are learning resources for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students provide an educational and social opportunity to learn essential building blocks such as taking turn, helping each other and memory enhancement. The kid games can also be played like Go Fish. | MEMORY CARD GAMES FOR TRAVEL: The perfect gift that is lightweight and easy-to-travel. Perfect flash card game in airplane and cars for holidays.  The toy cookies memory cards toddler toys are made of DURABLE plastic & are WASHABLE making the learning toys for 2 year olds excellent travel toys keeping kids busy for hours. They have beautiful coloring and will last through lots of handling! The preschool toys are a fun Birthday activity at your next holiday event or family gathering. | THE MATCH GAME make great gifts for 2 year old girls that's fun and educational! The Cookie Matching Game will keep your Christmas party guests entertained for hours. They are great birthday gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers for toddlers or best gifts for two year olds. The Cookie memory matching games for kids are toddler educational toys to sharpen memory skills for toddlers or adults with autism, alzheimers or Stroke.









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