SKYMORE Eyebrow Ruler,100Pcs microblading ruler,Disposable Eyebrow Ruler Sticker, eyebrow ruler for microblading supplies

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Material: Sticker
Color: Transparent Delivery: 100 pieces
Size: about 18 cm * 2.2 cm (Note: 1 cm = 10 mm = 1 cm)

How to use:
After cleaning brow, then glue it on forehead drawing balance and perfect eyebrow support. If it draw finish, can easily peel off.


Disposable and easy to use, will not slide down, perfect for professionals and beginners. | Eyebrows comfortable to measure and places. It may be more fitting for those who are in the beginning of permanent makeup. | The easily recognize eyebrows up and down position, length, size, convenient and practical. | Very effective in shaping and eyebrows. Good for accurate measurements and symmetrical marking. | How to use: after cleansing forehead, then glue it on forehead to help drawing balance and perfect eyebrows. When finish drawing, it can be easily peeled off.

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