Smatree Mavic 2 Pro 148Wh Portable Charging Station High Speed Docking Compatible for DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Mavic 2 Zoom Drone Intelligent Flight Battery

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1.Please don't dismantle the charging station by yourself.
2.Please keep it away from humid and hot places.
3.If you dismantle the inner batteries, it may explore.
4.Please keep it from water and fire.
5.Please charge it at least once per month

Battery: Lithium Battery
Input: 17.6V/3.41A
Charging Battery Output: 17.6V/3A x 2
USB Output: 5V/2A x 2
Dimension: 18cm x14.9 cm x 6.78 cm(7.08 in x 5.87 in x2.67 inbr>

Questions and Answers about the Chariging Station
1.Why doesn't it charge the batteries when putting them into it/b>
Smatree SP150 is designed with intelligent detection function, it may take about 4 seconds to detect the batteries and confirm if they need to be charged. After putting the batteries into the charging station for 5 seconds and the indicator lights cannot turn red, please take off the batteries for a while, and then put them into the charging station again.


Large Capacity: 10000 mAh battery capacity can charge 2-4 pieces of mavic batteries(depends on the working status of your batteries), convenient for filming outside. | Portable Charging Station: Designed with handle,easily to carry it on a hike, so you can charge your batteries on the fly wherever you are. | Time-saving: It usually takes about 3 hours to fully charge it and 60-80 minutes to charge 2 batteries, saving a lot of time. It can charge 2 batteries of your at the same time! | Multi-functional Power Bank: With the 5V/2A usb output, you can charge your smart phone or tablet PC if necessary. With the Overcharge/Overheating /Short-circuit Protection, it can protect your batteries from over-heating or over-charging. | Dimension:7.08 in x 5.87 in x2.67 in. Package list: 1 x Smatree SP150 charging station, 1 x instruction manual. Note: The charging station will turn off automatically if you don’t put the batteries in after turning on for 15 seconds.

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